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Ft Worth Nutrition


Smoothies, Bowls, Shakes & Teas!


Try one of our many menu options. From the Paradise Blast Tea to the Berry Delicious Bowl. The bowls and smoothies are nutritious, providing the full benefits of a balanced meal! The teas provide energy and will perk you right up at any time of the day!




200 Calories

20 Grams of Protein

Has all the nutrients that a balanced healthy meal has!


400 Calories

30 Grams of Protein

Has all the nutrients that a balanced healthy meal has!


This tea will send you straight to beach mode! Bursting with energy and full of fruity flavors!

Only 100 calories! No artificial sweeteners!


Even if you have a hectic lifestyle. Maybe you travel 5 days a week on business...and think you can't have a healthy lifestyle? Maybe you are a crazy busy mom with so many school activities that you wonder how you manage? Or a college student that struggles to find food period. We have you covered! Just contact us and let us show you how you can still be crazy busy and still fit in a healthy active lifestyle! 

We also have business opportunities for those looking to invest in their financial future! Feel free to contact us and see how you could get started for a low cost, part time or full time!

A more active lifestyle can prolong your life and provide so many benefits to a more fulfilling life! Take an extra 30 minutes and go for a walk, run, bike ride, swim or some other activity you enjoy. Your body will thank you!
We are  part of the number 1 nutrition company in the world! We love helping people get started towards a healthier lifestyle! Achieving a greater level of health will not only benefit you, but your family and those close to you!
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Blueberry Lemon Cake


This is a new addition to our menu! With hints of lemon and blueberry...mixed with a vanilla cake batter flavor - it is the perfect compliment to this Texas summer heat! Not to mention, its healthy and a complete meal replacement! With 380 Calories and 28g of protein...whats not to love!

We are proud to be bringing a good nutrition source to the great city of Fort Worth, Texas!

                               OUR STORY

Scarlett Yost is the proud owner of Ft Worth Nutrition. Our mission is to bring delicious and affordable nutrition to Fort Worth, Tx! We are providing consumers with a product that will help them reach their health and fitness goals. We also offer additonal services such as personlized programs and coaching to those who want to go a step beyond getting a meal at the shop! Stop by and ask for Scarlett, or contact us through our website and we will be more than happy to chat with you!